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Why Do We Need Change Tradition Light To LED?
2012-02-27 16:45:22

“Change is as good as a holiday!”

Do you realize that everything in and around you are constantly busy changing? Nothing is halting for a second, and nothing is forever the same. That is how Father made it. Every second  cells in our bodies are dying and gives birth to new cells. Every moment increases the universe. Every moment there are new discoveries and every second the earth’s position, relating to the sun, is changing.

However, our human ego creates the illusion that everything is forever the same. Our ego does this because it feels safe and in control. That is why our ego stands in our way to change. As long as we stay forever the same our ego will be happy. “Do not make too many waves” says your ego, “stays in your comfort zone, it’s safe and comfortable.”

The funny thing is there is no lasting fulfillment in your comfort zone. It is unnatural to stay the same while everything around us is constantly changing. Our inner being is frustrated with this and manifest in all sorts of negative emotions.

Just for today, do yourself a favor and refused that change fills you with fear. Go out and embrace life. Embrace and celebrate change! It’s the best thing in the world that can happen – changing with the

“Change is growing!”

“Growth is life “

” I am growing every moment in faith!”

” I grow to perfection in

” My life is a great Spiritual journey! ”

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