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Led Light industry has developed rapidly
2011-05-06 14:32:16


Led Light industry has developed rapidly over 20% average annual growth rate

Now LED light is getting more and more popular.Ministry of Industry and Electronic Information Division said that Led Light industry is the world's most recognized and striving to develop a strategic market prospects of new industries, has formed the United States, Japan and Germany as a leader, South Korea, China Taiwan and Mainland China rose catching up with the competitive landscape, the domestic industry in recent years the average annual growth rate of more than 20%, initially formed the industrial chain, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea, and Jiangxi, Fujian, China has become a gathering place of the four major industries, accounting for industrial-scale 85%.
Xiao Hua that the accumulation of capital accumulation and technical deficiencies that have long plagued the industry will be insufficient. Thus, "The next step focuses on strengthening the planning guidance, good 'second five' Led Light industry development plan", "Strengthening the interaction between the industrial chain, promoting the application of Led Light in various fields."
At the forum, more than 10 national trade associations from the well-known experts and scholars and more than 20 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities in the Led Light industry department in charge of the Led Light industry leadership status, trends and risks, the establishment of industry standards Government guidance and services issues were discussed and discussed with particular reference to industrial innovation is weak, and insufficient accumulation of such enterprises existing problems. 

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