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How to choose right source for LED High Bay light
2014-09-19 19:12:55

The peices of LED lambs has falling along with sensors and controls, which are used to help further reduction of energy consumption. Navigant Research point out that LED high bay light will increase and peak through 2017.
while minizing contrast, reduceing glare, meeting strict safety requirments, for lighting designers need to select the right emitter for the high bay light?

In this article we will take a look at several LED solutions that meet the performance, as well as deliver the cost savings required for high-bay applications, engineers need to take a consideration a number of factors when designing high bay light, including thermal managment issues, selecting the driver, and choosing the right LED that meet the necessary technical specifications, life time, light output, CCTand CRI.of course the cost must be seen as a factor.

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