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Analysis of 2015 LED six international lighting market
2015-07-31 09:21:55

This year the domestic economic situation is not optimistic, in this unhappy domestic lighting industry, many companies will choose fought overseas markets, let us take a look now overseas LED lighting market situation, whether it is worth inject funds to develop LED lighting business, explore new trade channel.

European markets

Enter 2015, the EU LED lighting products exports increasing. 2015 LED lighting market in Europe will grow from about $ 2 billion in 2011 to $ 10.24 billion, it is expected 2012--2015 average annual growth rate of about 49%. The European market has always been a major exporter of lighting companies in China. European lighting standards higher and higher requirements on lighting effects and atmosphere, to enter the EU market of LED lighting products subject to such CE-LVD, CE-EMC, CE-ROHS, CE-ERP and GS certification

Middle East Market

2014 China LED ten key areas of products exported to the Middle East market scale was $ 273.7 million, an increase of 106.68%, 2015 export volume is expected to more than 570 million US dollars, the top three exporting countries were Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the relative US and European markets, the Middle East market is more sensitive to price, the higher cost of products will be more popular.

US Market

US Energy Department report is expected in 2016 total US lighting market will reach $ 25.1 billion. Currently foundry exports to the US to become the main mode, the Liberal brand rare, medium and small enterprises, export orders small and scattered, "unlicensed" products mainstream

Russian market

Monitoring data show that January-May 2015, Chinese exports to Russia LED lighting and display products total $ 102 million, of which $ 83,285,000 class lighting, display $ 18,585,000, each accounting for 81.8% and 18.2%. To estimates, in 2015 China's exports to Russia and the display LED lighting class products will reach $ 1.374 billion and $ 069 million, in 2019 will increase to $ 3.354 billion and $ 178 million.

Japanese Market

This year, the Chinese LED lighting products export value growth in Japan is not optimistic. The first quarter of 2015, China's total LED lamps in Japan to $ 107 million, an increase of 29%, the proportion of China's total exports accounted for 6%, compared with 10% in the first quarter of 2014 fell by 4 percentage points.

Korean market

Ministry of Knowledge Economy is expected to LED market at an average annual growth rate of 30%, by 2015 the market size will expand in 2008 of $ 21.4 billion to about $ 100 billion. Faced with this huge market, the South Korean government issued a policy aimed at improving the competitiveness of Korea. South Korean domestic sales of products, imported products must meet the KS certification standards, Korean companies are due to changes in standards and increase the burden, of course, could not escape its overseas business impact.


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